Winch Straps

Made In USA
Winch Strap Available in 2”-4” widths and are made from premium, tested polyester webbing for maximum durability. End attachments are available in flat hook, D ring, sewn loops, and chains. Winch straps are to be used with truck winches. Our winches come in 3 different sizes: standard, deep and low profile. The standard size should be enough to hold up to 35 feet of webbing. Deep winches can hold up to 55 feet of webbing and the low profile winch can hold up to 20 feet of webbing. Our winch straps are assembled in the USA and conform to Web Sling and Tie Down Association, Federal Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) (article 392.2), and California Highway Patrol (CHP) standards. Finished goods are thoroughly inspected prior to shipment.

Caution: Check Safety Working Load limit as stated on this site as well as attached label to ensure the correct number of assembly is used for a given load. Each assembly is only strong as its weakest part so proper inspection prior to use is necessary as any damages may compromise the integrity of the unit. It is your responsibility to review the Federal D.O.T. regulations (article 392.2) regarding the handling and inspection of each component for safety. These units are not designed to or approved for overhead lifting. Never exceed Safety Working Load. Using corner protectors is recommended to protect webbing and cargo. Do not use any webbing or bungee products that show signs of excessive wear, nicks, cuts, abrasions, worn stitching, chemical burns, holes, or hardware is defective. Safety working load: The maximum load a tie-down should be subject to during normal use.

Safe Working Load: Should not exceed 1/3 of the rated capacity. Rated capacity: The minimum load a complete assembly will withstand before failure in a laboratory setting when the product is new.

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