Elastic Cords

Elastic Cords are probably the most inexpensive method of securing items during transit for light loads. Our Elastic Cords are made from premium rubber. Please be aware that Elastic Cords are meant for light duty applications only such as securing bikes to a rack, holding down cargo on the roof of your vehicle, or holding your trunk down when transporting oversize items. Hooks are available in plastic or metal. Elastic Cord kits provide you with an assortment of different cord lengths to accommodate different requirements. Cords are available in 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm thicknesses. Caution: Please remove Elastic Cords with care as they are under stress when stretched and will snap back to their original form. Always wear eye protection when operating Elastic Cords. Maximum extension 1/2 inch length. For example: Elastic length is 10" max extension is would be 15".

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