Cam Buckles

The low profile and quick adjustment of cam buckles makes them ideal for lighter load situations that do not require the capacity of bulkier ratchets. For lighter loads, cam buckles can still provide the security you want that your cargo will be safe. Once properly strapped down, cam buckles will remain snug since force pulling the strap away from the cam buckle will cause the teeth within to grip tighter. Please keep in mind that the final capacity of a complete cam buckle and strap assembly is determined by the weakest component. Consult with our sales rep to determine the right cam buckle for you. Safety working load: The maximum load a tie-down should be subject to during normal use. Safe working load should not exceed 1/3 of the rated capacity. Rated capacity: The minimum load a complete assembly will withstand before failure in a laboratory setting when the product is new.

1" x 1540 Lbs Cam Buckle

1" x 1540 Lbs Cam Buckle



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