E Tracks, L Tracks and Fittings

E Tracks Fittings E tracks can be used in trailers and trucks and are good for securing your cargo during transit. We have a variety of different fittings and of different capacity so we can accommodate your requirements. Cam buckle & E fitting or ratchet & E fitting (Link to logistic straps) are available for holding cargo in place. If you already have straps (Link to logistic straps), we also carry individual fittings as well. Our fitting capacities range from 4000 Lbs to 5000 Lbs. L Track & Fitting L Track fittings are ideal for lighter load applications such as in pickup trucks. Made from aluminum we have 3 different lengths (6, 1 foot, 2 foot) to fit your truck. Each kit contains everything you need to install the L tracks. Individual parts are also available for purchase.(Link to 30164 and 30166) E Tracks E tracks are used for higher load applications usually in trucks or trailers. We can cut your E track to the desired length. Horizontal and vertical E tracks (Link to 30130-Vert, 30146, 30148) are available to fit your requirements. Our E tracks are galvanized for excellent corrosion resistance and protective finish. Pre-cut sizes available in 2, 5, and 10 lengths. Please call our sales representatives for custom sizes and pricing.

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