Adding a logo to your straps is

    a great way to promote your company.

Imprint color strap

*** Made In USA ***

Boxer Tools offer imprinting services for custom webbing products with widths 1”to 4”.  

We use high quality inks to imprint our webbing to increase visibility and wear resistance.

     Cost:       $55 per mold (one-time charge)
                        Imprint size up to 4" x 11" 
                       Minimum order 50 pcs
                       Different strap width use different mold

     Inks Color: black and white.
        (Other colors can be made available depending on quantity to be imprinted.)

     Webbing colors: blue, black, yellow, and red.

Lead time required will be estimated based on the order.
 Using light colored ink on dark colored webbing will reduce visibility and is not recommended.

Imprint Straps